How Thirsty John’s Works – Order, Track, Enjoy

Thirsty John’s has partnered with hundreds of wine and spirit shops around the country making it your best pocket store. When you open the app, you scroll through for inspiration or search for a particular drink from any wine and spirit in any town. When you find the drink of your choice! Order it right from the ease of your palm or desk.


When you are ready to check out, please choose either Pickup or Delivery).

For pickup orders, the order will be ready for pick up when ready from the local store free of charge.

For delivery orders, make sure your address provided is current and accurate, if not please update before completing the order. A summary of the products and charges will be shown and when everything looks right just, make payment via Stripe and the order will be processed.


Conveniently track your order as you watch the rider approach on the app or track the steps of the order online on the customer website. You can also contact the rider for any special instructions.


Once you have picked up your order or it has been delivered, either by yourself or with friends, with or without music, enjoy the good times.

Customer Services 

Please feel free to reach out regarding your order or any enquiry via email at

Delivering Cheers……